33 Things to do in Colombo

Colombo. Sri Lanka’s buzzy commercial capital with a marmite like appeal- a tendency to be either loved or hated. While it’s not the most scenic part of the country, a visit can be far more than just a little bit enjoyable. As with all Cities, research makes a huge difference. The good news is I’ve done it for you- it took a while!

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Kalkudah Crab Curry Recipe by Sun Aqua Pasikudah

As an ever enthusiastic advocate of local cuisine, every pocket of Sri Lanka has its own variation of classic national dishes. Having sampled (ok, scoffed) a multitude of crab curries across the island from Jaffna, Negombo, Bentota to Pasikudah, each equally delicious interpretation is unique whether it’s the type of crab, technique or spices used.

In a province abundant with some the freshest, juiciest seafood on the island, the succulant Kalkudah crab curry at Sun Aqua in Pasikudah was one of the most memorable variations I have been all to delighted to review. Soaked in a perfectly indulgent creamy coconut sauce infused with piquant spices, I couldn’t resist sharing the recipe with you!

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5 Reasons to Travel by Train in Sri Lanka

Spectacular sunsets, golden sand powder, delectable sea-food platter and a crystal blue Indian Ocean are some of the words that come to mind, when you think of Sri Lanka.

However, once you have scratched the surface of this island country, take a train ride from Colombo, the state capital to the lesser known regions of Sri Lanka and be ready to be blown away by the surprises thrown at you.

So go now, and take my list of the indulgent yet immersive list of 5 reasons to add a train journey to your Sri Lanka itinerary…

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Where to Eat Sri Lankan Food in Colombo

There is some truly mouthwatering cuisine to be enjoyed amidst the ever growing restaurant scene in Colombo. From a diverse fanfare of international favourites to Sri Lanka’s specialty of rice and curry (both traditional and fusion), there’s something to stimulate everyone’s senses in the city.

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The Ultimate Tuk Tuk Survival Guide in Sri Lanka

Tuk tuks, (also known as rickshaws, trishaws, three-wheelers) are ubiquitous across Sri Lanka in a multitude of colour, in fact, you’ll rarely walk far anywhere without being approached by a driver, especially in Colombo.

They’re nimble in traffic, convenient to hop in and out at your leisure and for first time visitors, provide novelty ‘edge of seat’ entertainment on open air ground level- a true multi-sensory experience if there ever was one!

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Interview with Japanese Yogi & Manga Artist Yumi

Sometimes you meet people in life who instantaneously inspire you from their presence alone. Japanese yogi and manga artist Yumi has been based in Sri Lanka for over 10 years with her husband Waruna; the founder of Waruna Antiques and The Kandy Samadhi Centre. I met Yumi in the midst of the Kandian jungle at the centre, beaming with peace and calm where she teaches yoga and regularly visits during the weekend with their beautiful daughter.

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