10 Ayurvedic Sri Lankan Supermarket Hacks

by Alice Luker

Ayurveda, translating in Sanskrit as ‘life-knowledge’ travelled across the seas from India to Sri Lanka thousands of years ago. Within local communities of the island today it’s considered an essential daily lifestyle practise- from the body via food to the mind and spirit through meditation.

As well as an alternate form of plant based (herbal) medicine, following an Ayurvedic lifestyle is believed to prevent future inbalances of the body which are considered equally as important in discouraging disease.

I’m no expert in the practise but over the past few years I’ve familiarised myself with the essential Ayurvedic household items as well as what would be considered luxury products inspired or influenced by the ancient practise.

The ideas below are all bought from local supermarkets found across the country from Cargills Food City, Keehls Super to Arpico. The most generously stocked branches (with a wider selection) can be found in major cities and towns.

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Passion Fruit & Ginger Cheesecake Recipe by The Old Palm House

I was introduced to this zingy cheesecake at the Old Palm House in Galle; a charming refurbished colonial house in perfect harmony of it’s original character.

With passion fruit grown locally in Sri Lanka in addition to the popularity of ginger biscuits sold extensively by all of the major supermarket brands, this cheesecake is the perfect fusion of well loved local flavours in a classic dessert which can be baked and enjoyed across the world.

For extra decadence, a small scoop of ice cream or drizzle of fresh cream is a temptation you wont regret giving into!
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