Born in the UK, I’ve been connected with Indian & Sri Lankan culture for as long I can remember. From performing at an Indian dance festival (with questionable ability!) at the age of 5 to annual Sri Lanka trips from 13, there’s no doubt my soul blossoms in the East.

Previously focused on fashion photography, I shifted my attention towards travel and food in 2013 when I launched this website and moved to the island for several years.

My intention of Style in Sri Lanka is to inspire people to explore the island’s authentic, unrefined, soul. For more than a temporary tan and list ticking but for life changing, unforgettable memories.

A celebration of diversity in both cultural & human spirit and to experience with open eyes, an open heart and a level of awareness before visiting.

Despite being based in the UK, regular trips throughout the year inspire endless content that I hope will be both inspiring & invaluable for those wishing to explore the heart of Sri Lanka.

My photographic work has since been featured in publications including National Geographic Traveller UK, Conde Nast Traveller and Destinasian Magazine.

Please visit aliceluker.com for a full photography portfolio. Commissioned photography work includes travel, food & portraiture for international print and digital publications in addition to shoots for hotels, restaurants & cafes- primarily food, interiors and exteriors.

Do share your thoughts via commenting on posts and get in touch directly on the contact page. Thank you for visiting, Ayubowen.

7 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi, l am Sri Lankan, I think you love my country more than us. Good work, keep it up. And wishing you all the best.

  2. What a beautiful site. I travel to Sri Lanka often as well and am looking forward to trying many of your suggestions on here.

  3. Hi Alice! I have met you once in Jaffna, you are works are excellent and we are proud of you as Sri Lankan, keep up the good work and we thankful to you forever!

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